Juice Bar “ambassadors” (aka Juice Peep) are just regular guests who love us, and we love them! Two peas in a pod.  They in fact are daily or super regular customers – who through being awesome on their own,  help us spread the Juice Bar love in their personal life and beyond.  Thank you!!  As a volunteer type role, being an ambassador includes participating in a wide range of fun ideas – like organizing Juice Bar events such as runs, walks in the park with Juice Bar juices and smoothies after, parking lot yoga/bootcamps – even after hour events inside juice bar for juicing classes, cooking classes – whateva!  Even helping to focus in on someone in a healthcare crisis who could use help getting some juice love during a tough time of life. Ambassadors also help give us vital feedback  on what we are doing that works, what they like, what they hear, offering new ideas, etc. We love our ambassadors to join us at marketing events, write blog posts, try out new menu items ahead of time, get first dibs on t-shirts..  Whatever works! ..and for sure they forever get our high-fives and tons of thanks for being awesome customers.  

Interested in hearing more? Email info@ilovejuicebar.com to find out.


Heather Kralj

Heather came to Nashville from Chicago in search of a slower paced, more organic lifestyle for her family three years ago. She is an active mom who is teaching the importance of clean eating to her kids and spreading the love and word of I Love The Juice Bar through social media and community outreach. Heather is also our new partner for Juice Bar Belle Meade!

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” Katherine Switzer


“Juice Mommy” Mel

Single mom of three, and a full-time RN, Juice Mommy somehow still finds time in her life to bring her kiddos in for rounds of smoothies and healthy eats – she is well-known for funky and fun Facebook posts, and we are thankful that she is making a difference in the lives of her children, people she helps at her work, and for her shout-outs to us.  Thank you Juice Mommy!  



Off the street one day Diego walked into Juice Bar not knowing anything about juicing..  Diego is now a convert – a bonafide juice peep – focusing DAILY on making smart choices in health and eating. He especially likes his Mean Greens extra mean…we can’t put enough jalapeno in his juice!