post-workout dos & don'ts


don't take your leggings off just yet

Photo by Christopher Campbell

Photo by Christopher Campbell

After a killer gym session, it can be tempting to go home and crash. But before you put on that oversized t-shirt and turn on Netflix, make sure you've completed this post-workout checklist:

1. cool down

Just like you need to warm up before a workout, your body also needs time to cool down after an extended period of physical activity. Spend at least five minutes easing your heartbeat down to it's resting rate with a slow cycle or a walk on the treadmill.

2. stretch out

It's important to stretch while your muscles are still warm. This prevents soreness and can keep you from getting injured. Do long static stretches, holding for at least 15 seconds to expedite your recovery process. 

3. wash off

Obviously you should get clean after a workout (because ew) but did you know that a cool shower can keep you from being sore the next day? This is why professional athletes are always taking ice baths. You probably don't need to go to that extreme, but spending a little time with the water on cold can save you stiffness the next morning.

4. refuel

If you're exercising to lose weight, it seems counterproductive to eat after burning calories. But eating doesn't cancel out the calories you just burned. That's because while working out, your body burns fat for energy. The healthy calories you consume after a workout won't replace that burned fat, they're used to repair and refuel.


Fitness is a lifestyle that extends far beyond the gym or the running trail. If you take care of your body like the rocking machine it is, you'll be able to maximize your potential. Have Fun, Be Amazing.