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We got the BEET!
Actually, we have a lot of beets...

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  • Meet your soulmate! Old folklore dictates that two people who eat from the same beet are destined to fall in love.

  • The beetroot isn’t the only super delicious part of the plant. Did you know that beets are edible from top to bottom? Save those greens! (And get a great recipe here) 

  • Sweet Beet! While we get a large amount of our sugar from Sugarcane, in the US, over 55% of the sugar we produce comes from Sugar Beets!

  • Beets are full of nutrients! Get a healthy dose of folate, vitamin A and K, manganese, copper, and potassium.

  • Keep it moving… Beets are packed full of fiber which both helps to satiate hunger and helps to keep you regular.

  • Detoxing? Beets are packed full of betalain which has been shown to help with detoxing your cardiovascular system and liver.

  • Boost your recovery and extend your endurance.  Beets contain certain types of nitrates that in certain studies have been shown to help rebuild muscle and help you get that extra little push at the gym.

  • Beets are awesome for your heart. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Beets can help reduce cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure.

  • Eating seasonally? Beets are grown in the US between June and October. If you’re eating beets at any other time, they are probably grown internationally.

  • Store those beets the right way! When you get home, trim the beet greens off two inches away from the beetroot. The greens can suck the moisture out of the beeroot leaving it dry.


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