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We Don't Carrot All! (Actually we care a lot about carrots)

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  • While we are all very familiar with the orange carrot, they also come in a wide variety of other colors, including purple, yellow, white and red.
  • Carrots are the second most popular vegetable in the world after the potato!
  • Orange carrots were not bred until the 17th century when the Dutch cultivated them in honor of their royal family (the House of Orange!)
  • Carrots were originally cultivated not for the root, but rather their leaves and seeds which were used as a seasoning.
  • Carrots originated in the Middle East, most likely in Afganistan, from where they spread through Asia and Europe. 
  • Beta Carotene is the orange pigment found in Carrots. When consumed, it is converted into Vitamin A. It is an antioxidant, and recent studies have shown that it might help slow cognitive decline. 
  • Are you a carrot fiend? Watch out - the Beta Carotene, if eaten in large enough quantities, will gradually change the color of your skin. 
  • Carrots come in many different shapes and sizes. While we're all familiar with the standard shape, they can be short and squaty, almost like a beet.
  • There's an old myth that states that eating carrots helps you see in the dark. While this is untrue, the beta-carotene found in carrots can help improve overall ocular health.
  • China is the worlds largest producer of carrots. About 45% of cultivated carrots are grown in China.  


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