coco pro colada recipe


and you thought the coco pro could not get any better...

Coco Pro Colada Recipe from I Love Juice Bar

Embrace the island flavors with a super simple cocktail that you can whip up in seconds with just a few simple ingredients. This easy Coco Pro Colada is made with rum, a tad of agave nectar for sweetness and our Coco Pro smoothie, made from fresh young coconuts, hemp seed and probiotics. Yes, that means this cocktail has probiotics. So it's super healthy, right?

We made our with white rum, but you could also use aged or spiced rum for a more complex flavor. 




3 oz white rum
1 oz agave nectar
8 oz coco pro

Shake with ice. Makes 2 cocktails. Serve to friends... or keep it all for yourself! We won't judge.

Have Fun. Be Amazing.