Ginger Spice Prosecco Punch


where sparkle meets spice!

Ginger Spice Prosecco Punch Recipe | I Love Juice Bar

If you’ve tried our new Ginger Spice Juice, you know it’s PACKED with flavor!

And that’s exactly what we intended. By using nothing but whole ingredients without any added sweeteners or junk, our Ginger Spice Juice gives you all the flavors of fall without any of that yucky stuff.

We’re so inspired by the flavor of the Ginger Spice Juice, we started thinking of how many other ways we could enjoy it - while it lasts. It did not take long before we thought of this recipe - and it’s an easy one to be sure. Just equal parts of sparkling wine and juice, it’s the perfect party sipper for these fall days. So, go ahead and try it yourself before our flavors of Fall blow away!



1 part Ginger Spice Juice, chilled
1 part Prosecco or other sparkling wine, chilled
sliced apple and orange for garnish, optional


In a pitcher, add equal parts of the chilled Ginger Spice Juice and Prosecco. Stir lightly to combine. Fill glasses with ice and garnish with sliced apples and oranges before topping off with punch.


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