Ginger Spice Warmer


cozy up with ginger spice!

Ginger Spice Warmer Recipe | I Love Juice Bar

Just like the season, our Ginger Spice Juice is only around for a limited time - but that won’t stop us from enjoying it any way we can.

With the spicy flavors of fresh ginger root, cinnamon and turmeric paired with juiced fuji apples, carrots and sweet potatoes, our Ginger Spice Juice is like sweater weather in a cup!

But did you know you could also enjoy it warm? As the days begin to get that fall chill in the air, it’s easier than ever to cozy up with all the flavors of fall - and none of the guilt!

Plus - we might suggest adding a little rum or bourbon to make it extra tasty!



In a microwave-safe container, add your Ginger Spice Juice and heat until warm. You may also heat in a saucepan over over medium-low heat. Enjoy!

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