Get SPICY with Ginger Spice Juice recipes

Ginger Spice Juice | I Love Juice Bar

If you’ve not tried our NEW Autumn Spice Smoothie and Ginger Spice Juice, you should - before they’re gone!

Our new Autumn Spice Smoothie and Ginger Spice Juice deliver on all of the delicious fall flavors, with no pumpkins harmed. That’s right – we don’t use any pumpkin in either of the new seasonal offerings, but we think you’ll love their pumpkin-spice inspired flavors!

Even better, we offer them guilt-free like the rest of our menu using only 100% whole fruits and vegetables without any added sweeteners, syrups or artificial ingredients of any kind.

We were so inspired that we’ve been finding new ways to bring the amazing flavor of our Ginger Spice Juice to life and have whipped up three new easy recipes.

spice up your life!