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 juice bar manager andy rosado shares his first cleanse experience.

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No matter how much sleep I got, I never felt rested.

I was congested, inflamed, and irritable always. The joy that eating food brought was often washed away with regret and bloating. 

Then came January 2017. New year, new me, right? John Hunt, Juice Bar extraordinaire, had invited the Juice Bar family to join him for a 1-month juice cleanse. I had never gone more than a few days cleansing before, so I was apprehensive to say the least. 

John set up a group message for everyone that embarked on the life-changing journey, and the support of that group kept me going far past where I thought possible. I did strictly juice for the first day, no problem. Second day, no problem. The third day was the true test, my body was sending me all the signals that I NEEDED solid food. 

John was great during this period, and gave me some insider tips. "Your body really doesn't need solid food, it wants sodium. Try some warm vegetable broth with Himalayan pink salt instead of a juice today." 

Lo and behold! This remedy was an instant relief. No more hunger, no more irritability. With the support of my Juice Bar family I made it five days, then ten days, fifteen days of no solid food! I finally did break after seventeen days. During the seventeen days I fasted before eating a solid meal, I had energy and vitality like never before! Especially in my most overweight, lethargic days. 

I lost my constant bloating, got better rest than ever before, lost 30 pounds (permanently), and most importantly I gained a newfound passion for I Love Juice Bar as a brand. I know that when I come to work every day, I get to make a DIFFERENCE in the community and lives around me. I get to walk side by side with the woman brand new to juicing, and see her smile every week that she's down another couple of pounds. The spring in her step after six months of changing her entire diet, with Juice Bar as the catalyst for well being and healthy living. 

Andy Rosado, post juice cleanse

Andy Rosado, post juice cleanse

A lot of people throw around terms like 'lifestyle brand', yet I can give a first hand account of what it's like to be surrounded by a culture of health, wellness, and passion and have it work. I'm down over eighty pounds from November 2016! I Love Juice Bar and cleansing have literally changed my life for the better in every category - from health and happiness to building relationships and seeing the bright side of everything in life. 

Andy Rosado - General Manager

I Love Juice Bar - Gulch


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