easy rum punch recipe


Orange You Glad There's Rum Punch?!

September 20th is National Rum Punch Day. Yes, there's a holiday for that. And rightfully so, if you ask us. 

You see, Rum Punch falls into one of our favorite category of indulgences: TIKI DRINKS! And while tiki drinks have gotten a bad rap over the years for super-sweet cruise ship concoctions, they are actually a complex thing.

A great tiki drink is all about layers of flavor. Typically this comes from a blend of more than one spirit (this one has three different rums), a little spice (check) and a combination of fresh fruit juices (oh yeah, we definitely have that). 

For our recipe we start with Orange You Glad. Freshly-juiced carrot, apple, pineapple, mint, ginger and lemon give us the perfect base for a great tiki drink. We then added three different rums, each providing their own character to the cocktail. If you only have one type of rum on hand, no worries. It will still be delicious. The "spice" not only comes from the fresh ginger root in Orange You Glad, but from a pinch of freshly-ground nutmeg and grenadine (check out this all-natural one we love). This recipe will make four drinks (or one reallllly big one!).  

Ingredients (serves 4):

16 oz Orange You Glad juice
2 oz white rum
2 oz aged dark rum
2 oz spiced rum
4 oz grenadine
pinch freshly-grated nutmeg
2 lemons
2 limes
1 orange
maraschino cherries for garnish

In a large pitcher, add the Orange You Glad, rums and grenadine. Juice one of the lemons and one of the limes and add to the pitcher. Add a pinch of nutmeg and stir well. Cut the remaining lemon and lime into slices and add to the pitcher. Let this sit, refrigerated, for an hour or more for the flavors to combine. 

To serve, fill your glasses with ice and pour in the rum punch. Garnish with your own creative combination of fresh fruit and cherries and enjoy! 

Happy Rum Punch Day!


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