Not All Smoothies are Blended Equal!


summer is upon us and that means one thing - it's officially smoothie season! 

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Thursday, June 21, is National Smoothie Day - which just so happens to be the first day of summer! Coincidence? Absolutely not. 

Here at I Love Juice Bar, smoothies are popular all year long - but they're especially popular during the heat of summer. But there's something you should know about smoothies - they aren't all created equal...and they are definitely not all made like our smoothies are. You see, we know our customers are health conscious, and they're often grabbing one of our smoothies as a meal replacement. And we know they're looking for uniquely-flavored smoothies that are well-balanced, nutritious and not too sweet.

i love juice bar smoothies are made to be delicious - and nutritious!

As smoothies have gained in popularity over the years, many businesses have tried to jump on the bandwagon. You've probably been to some other smoothie shop and ended up with a smoothie that's sickeningly sweet and really not that flavorful. You've watched as those other guys filled up a blender full of ice before adding squirts of some mystery syrup, little nuggets of frozen fruit (if you're lucky) and even a scoop or two of ice cream (that's not a smoothie, it's a milkshake). And you've surely noticed that regardless of what some of those other places say is in the smoothie, they really all end up tasting the same. 

well, that's not how we make smoothies

At I Love Juice Bar, we've been making amazing smoothies since day one. We craft our smoothies using whole fresh and frozen fruits. We then add fresh ingredients like ginger root, kale, mint leaves and fresh young coconut, and nutrient-packed additions like hemp seeds, cashews, spirulina, probiotics and plant-based protein powder. We use only natural juices and dairy-free milks that add just a touch of natural sweetness. We never add sweeteners and, most importantly, we never add ice. That's right, I Love Juice Bar smoothies are never made with ice, giving you the best value for a delicious smoothie.

we think smoothies should be full of flavor, not full of ice

Finally, I Love Juice Bars smoothies are exclusively different. Our smoothie flavors are unique and diverse, with offerings for every person, every diet and every taste. Where else are you going to find a Matcha Green smoothie with matcha green tea that not only tastes delicious but also packs a heavy dose of fiber from spinach and extra protein from raw cashews? Or how about our Blue Chocolotta smoothie with antioxidant-rich whole blueberries, raw cacao, and a punch of protein from almond butter? And if you've never had our Coco Pro smoothie made from fresh young coconut, hemp seeds and probiotics, you'll immediately notice just how different our smoothies really are! 

We also have amazing Smoothie Bowls and our new Summertime Smoothies available for a limited time. So, in other words, we have lots of ways to help you turn every day into Smoothie Day!

make sure to drop by your nearest i love juice bar on june 21st and celebrate national smoothie day with us!