Ingredient Spotlight: Honey & Bee Pollen


Honey, you're the Bee's Knees!

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We're all abuzz this month and for good reason. Our spotlight is one of the sweetest ingredients we use - honey and bee pollen! We're big fans of using honey as a natural sweetener. We prefer honey to sugar because it is lower on the glycemic index, and it has a number of additional nutrients not found in sugar. Bee pollen is an amazing additive to our juices, shots and smoothies, and it contains a number of highly beneficial health attributes.


Honey has a long history and has been harvested and used by humans for centuries. Before we began to refine sugar from sugarcane, honey was a major source of sweet in our diet and was a major fixture in trade. In fact, honey was used as one of the main ingredients in one of the world's oldest fermented beverages – mead. 

Honey comes in a wide variety of colors and flavors that are a direct result of where it was produced and the flowers that the bees harvested their honey from. It's amazing to see and taste the impressions that geography makes on honey!

We LOVE honey at I Love Juice Bar. So much in fact that we drizzle local honey on our new smoothie bowls and add it to our almond butter and peanut butter sandwiches. 

Bee Pollen

This is one of the most interesting ingredients we stock behind the juice bar. Bee pollen is a major source of protein and adds a nice boost to any juice, smoothie or shot. It is also believed that bee pollen can potentially help prevent or reduce the impact of seasonal allergies! 

This pollen is harvested by bees as they search for nectar to turn into honey. It is collected on their back legs and taken back to the hive where it is used as the main source of protein in the bees diet. Bee pollen has a floral, slightly sweet flavor and is best consumed raw. When it is heated, it loses much of its nutritional value. And a quick warning - bee pollen isn't recommended for pregnant/nursing women. 

Next time you come into your local I Love Juice Bar, ask to have a little bee pollen added to your smoothie - or smoothie bowl! It's a quick and easy way to fight allergies!

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