ingredient spotlight: wheatgrass


wheatgrass... not wheat or grass*

We love wheatgrass!

*(Well it's sort of grass. It's complicated.)

guest blog from "Juice Peep" Hannah S.

When you hear the word “wheatgrass,” a couple of distinct scenarios probably come to mind: images of bodybuilders crushing green shots of mysterious goo to 90s techno hits or conversely, your mom’s hippie friend telling you about the magical benefits of this plant that sound altogether too good to be true and unappealing. In either of these situations, it is easy to discount wheatgrass as inaccessible or something for health fanatics when in reality, the benefits of wheatgrass are numerous and, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, the taste of freshly-pressed wheatgrass is something you just might love!

Wheatgrass gets a bad rap because of its intimidating look (literal blades of grass prior to being juiced or powdered) and the way it’s expected to taste. The pros far outweigh the cons, and this is due in part to the high concentration of chlorophyll within wheatgrass. Chlorophyll = light energy = power of the sun = why would you not take a tiny little shot of this magic juice?!

Depending on the variety of wheatgrass, its taste can range from earthy to an almost syrup-like sweetness. The key to consuming wheatgrass is to drink is immediately after pressing, as it oxidizes rather quickly and can develop bitter flavors. So if you've ever had bitter wheatgrass shots, now you know why! The flavor of freshly-pressed wheatgrass juice can still be pretty intense to some, so if you’re up for it, throw back a shot on its own, or sneak it in one of our Pineapple Greens or Mint to Be smoothies for a colorful energy boost!

HEALTH benefits of wheatgrass

NUTRIENT-DENSE - just one ounce of wheatgrass contains the nutritional equivalent of two pounds of vegetables. Whoa. 

DETOXIFIER -  The chlorophyll in wheatgrass attaches itself to toxins and heavy metals found within the body, aiding in detoxifying and alkalizing.

ENERGY BOOST - Taking a shot of wheatgrass gives an immediate boost of energy, similar to the feeling of taking a shot of espresso. This one’s just better for you :) 

ANTIOXIDANTS - An enzyme in chlorophyll helps superoxide radicals in the body into a more manageable form, slowing down the aging process.

Ready to give wheatgrass a shot (pun intended)? Visit your Juice Bar and let us help liven things up.

- Hannah S., Juice Bar Chattanooga                                                                             


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