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I Love Juice Bar Rewards

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 Juice Up Your Phone!

We’re pumped to introduce Juice Bar Rewards! A fun new way to get rewarded every time you visit one of our Juice Bars. Joining is super easy - you can enroll in store or on our i love juice bar app. Once you’re registered, you’ll start receiving stars every time you visit us.

Earn stars with every visit

You’ll earn a star for every $6 you spend at any of our locations. Earn 20 stars and get a $12 reward!

Join in a snap

All you have to do to sign up for Juice Bar rewards is download our app, or enroll next time you visit any of our locations

Great perks

Not only will you earn rewards with every visit, You’ll also get special prizes and offers!

Rewards Juice Bar

 Rewards F.A.Q.

Have a question about I Love Juice Bar Rewards? Check out our frequently asked questions below to find an answer to some of the most common questions!

+ Do I Love Juice Bar Rewards cost me anything to participate?

There is no membership fee to be a part of the I Love Juice Bar rewards program.

+ How many stars does it take to get a reward?

Every $6 spent earns you 1 star. 20 stars = 1 reward. There is no limit to the number of stars you can earn on a purchase, excluding tax, additional fees, and gift cards.

+ Will you go back and give me credit on the food I have already purchased?

Previous purchases are not eligible for rewards.

+ Do stars or rewards expire?

Stars do not expire. Rewards expire 12 months after they are earned.

+ Do I earn rewards when I redeem my gift card?

No, stars are not gained for purchasing gift cards or earned from purchases made on gift cards.

+ Can you transfer Spring Rewards points to I Love Juice Bar Rewards?

There is no connection between the two programs, so go ahead and use up all your Spring Rewards first.

+ What does Square have to do with I Love Juice Bar Rewards?

I Love Juice Bar has partnered with Square to power I Love Juice Bar Rewards, so our rewards program works both in the I Love Juice Bar app and in the restaurant through the Square register.

+ How do I join I Love Juice Bar Rewards?

Just enter your phone number during app sign-up or at the register in the store.
● Current I Love Juice Bar app users will be prompted at checkout to enter their phone number. If that phone number is already attached to a Square I Love Juice Bar Rewards account, then it will link to that account. If not, then it will create a Square I Love Juice Bar Rewards account.
● What if your number is linked to a company card? The phone number can be linked to multiple cards. This is designed with corporate cardholders in mind. You can also link multiple people in the same household (up to 10 credit/debit/bank cards).
● If you have already dined at I Love Juice Bar, then you will be prompted upon your first and continuous visits to enter your phone number. Once you do, you will be automatically enrolled in the program.

+ How do guests check their I Love Juice Bar Rewards status?

You can check earned stars through the Rewards page on the I Love Juice Bar app. If you have enrolled in the loyalty program in the store, you’ll receive a welcome text notification with a link to your status page. From there, you’ll be able to view your progress, earned rewards, linked payment cards, and activity.

+ Do I earn rewards for catering orders?

All orders placed through the app will be eligible for rewards.

+ Is I Love Juice Bar Rewards the same program as I Love Juice Bar marketing emails?

No. I Love Juice Bar's marketing email program is available to anyone and does not require purchase. I Love Juice Bar Rewards is a loyalty program to reward frequent guests.

+ How do guests edit an I Love Juice Bar Rewards account information?

You can update your account information through the I Love Juice Bar app, or you can have a cashier or manager at the store update the profile.

+ How do guests opt-out of I Love Juice Bar’s marketing emails?

To opt-out of I Love Juice Bar’s emails, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the email, click unsubscribe or manage preferences and follow the prompts.

+ How do guests opt-out of I Love Juice Bar Rewards?

To opt-out of I Love Juice Bar Rewards, guests can manage their preferences through the “My Account” tab on the I Love Juice Bar app or email: for further assistance.

+ How do guests redeem rewards in-store?

• Once you have a reward, a six-digit code will be provided.
• Show the cashier, and they will apply it to your account.
• If the you can’t find the six-digit code, the cashier can look up your profile by finding your phone number.

+ Will the guest receive a confirmation when they’ve hit 20 stars (earned a reward)?

There is no confirmation of earning a reward unless you’re in the store when the reward occurs.

+ Can guests redeem their rewards through the app?

You can register for an account in the app, and then check your I Love Juice Bar page to follow your progress.

+ Can guests redeem more than one reward per transaction?

You can earn multiple rewards, but only redeem one reward at a time.

+ Can guests save rewards for use at a later date?

Sure! Rewards can be redeemed whenever is best for you.

+ If a guest’s order today will push them over 20 stars, can they use the future reward on the current purchase?

No, rewards are not applicable to the purchase they were earned on. But it could be used on your next visit or another order.

+ Are there any order modes or order types that are not included in I Love Juice Bar Rewards?

All order types earn stars through the app.
● 3rd Party Delivery will not earn stars because it is outside of the I Love Juice Bar app.
● Catering - guests do earn stars for Catering through the app.

+ Do tips or sales tax generate stars? What about delivery fees?

Tips, tax, and delivery fees do not earn stars.

+ Is the app available on iOS and Android?

Yes, it can easily be downloaded from either program’s app stores